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CHOICE Behavioral Health Management

A Trailblazing Center for Behavioral Health & Substance Abuse Recovery, Prevention, and Intervention...


At CHOICE Behavioral Health Management, we are supporting hundreds of patients and their families as they navigate life with substance abuse, domestic violence, anger management, and returning back to society. Our Detroit facility provides a safe, calming space for healing, as well as the most advanced tools available and an expert staff that truly cares.

We offer a wide array of options through outpatient programs. Each client who enters our doors is carefully assessed to ensure that they receive the best care for their unique and evolving needs. Schedule a consultation to learn how you can thrive with help from CHOICE-BHM.


Dr. Paul A. Turner, Jr. D.D. CADC-M

CEO & Founder

Substance Abuse Co & Addiction Counselor


DaMora Turner

Chief Community Officer 




Brenda Thompson

Certified Clinical Supervisor


Drug Addiction Counselor


Jewell Jones

Community Activist


Returning Citizens Advocate 

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